Influencer marketing has been huge in 2017, with more social influencers popping up seemingly every day, and more brands using them to build successful marketing campaigns. And that doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon. Check out the latest article from Social Jack! #InfluencerMarketing



“After various controversies surrounding YouTube stars, Delmondo recently analyzed the ‘brand safety’ of the top platform influencers.” Check out the latest article from Social jack! #InfluencerMarketing

“This is a new channel for us to broadcast the content that lives on our site and help customers navigate our assortment,” – Andres Sosa. Check out the latest article form Social Jack! #InfluencerMarketing




Influencer marketing is on the rise – and for good reason. This infographic provides an overview of the process, and benefits, of working with influencers. Check out the latest article from Social Jack #InfluencerMarketing

“As a group of micro influencers with a following geared towards travel, we often looked like a mobile film crew: constantly creating content for these fantastic companies we felt fortunate and excited to partner with on our respective social media platforms.” Check out the latest article from Social Jack! #GotInfluence




Influence Factory Brings Influencers Topical Industry News in an Exciting Way.

CHICAGO, February 12, 2018—Social Jack jump-started 2018 with a bang launching their new, free online webinar to podcast offering called The Influence Factory. The show airs live every Wednesday at noon CST as a webinar, but unavailable viewers can catch the episodes at a later time on YouTubeiTunesGoogle PlayStitcherSoundCloud and other channels.



Influence Factory, Where Leaders Assemble, features a wide variety of up-to-date segments compacted into a concise hour. Segments include an Influencer lesson of the week, a Special Guest interview with an Industry Business Influencer, updates on the latest industry news, and “Ask the Experts”. “Listeners” are encouraged to participate through polls, questions, and a Q&A segment and at the end of each episode the viewer with the most engagement receives a special prize. The goal of the webcast is for aspiring Influencers to engage and share new business ideas and learn from industry experts.

Each week Influence Factory features a different guest influencer to answer viewers’ questions pertaining to their area of expertise. Past guests include Google SEO Expert Joe Karns, Social Media Speaker Spencer X. Smith, Microsoft Storyteller Miri Rodriguez, “The Video Jedi” George B. Thomas, and Nimble CRM founder Jon Ferrara. Interested viewers can watch past episodes on Social Jack’s app, or on YouTube:



Viewers can also listen to past episodes on the go in podcast form on iTunesSoundCloud, and Google Play. The best way to catch The Social Jack Influence Factory is by subscribing to their weekly Webcast, and ensuring you don’t miss an episode, at



About Social Jack:

The Social Jack System is an Influencer Development platform that combines the power of people, social teaming and today’s social networks to create Business Influencers and develop a targeted loyal following and achieve influence in your world. Social Jack serves organizations, executives, professionals, top producers, speakers, and they even have Influencer Event offerings.

About Dean DeLisle:

As Founder and CEO of Forward Progress, Dean leads his core team to provide digital marketing solutions serving over 2,000 corporate clients for the past 15 years. In 2015 Dean created and released a Business Influencer Development Platform known as Social Jack™, and they have successfully trained over 100,000 professionals on Social Selling and B2B Influencer Marketing. Their curriculum and programs are used globally by Fortune 500 companies, Associations, Conferences and Universities to instill best practices related to the effective use of social networks.

The virtual world is taking a toll and the addictive social media networks keeps us hooked on to the electronic devices. Check out the latest article from Social Jack! #GotInfluence



This is a visual roundup of influencer marketing today. This may be used as a reference guide to understanding the great benefits of working with influencers. Check out the latest article from Social Jack! #GotInfluence



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