Every social media manager is looking for various ways to keep the business on the cutting edge. Content marketing is the solution to remain relevant and, more importantly, efficient and effective in today's world that is leaning towards social media marketing.

Contributor networks swing in and out of fashion in media. But with Influencer Marketing en vogue and publishers hunting for ways to drive engagement on their properties, the hunt for famous, influential contributors is back on – and it’s giving rise to a new kind of role at business and news publishers.

As Influencer Marketing becomes an increasingly vital component of marketers’ media plans, unresolved issues with campaign measurement and influencer selection continue to limit its potential effectiveness.

We hope that all this has helped you make up your mind about micro-influencers. A lot of people are under the misconception that micro-influencers are what small brands use to leverage their services – this couldn’t be farther from the truth. All you need to do is find the right influencer regardless of the size of your brand, and you will start to see benefits to your brand. Check out the latest article from Social Jack! #InfluencerMarketing

Given the huge potential of influencer marketing to help companies reach the right audience, marketers and consumers must work together to fix the reputation of this practice – Collaborating will improve transparency and effectiveness.



According to a recent survey by Mediakix, nearly two-thirds of marketers are increasing their influencer marketing budgets in 2019 and 80% of marketers find influencer marketing effective. Read more about this article at Social Jack! #InfluencerMarketing

Influencer Marketing


Are you wondering how to grow your Social Influence? Do you have big dreams but need direction? To explore how to build powerful Influence, take this interview with Nathan Latka to help you on your path. Check out the latest article from Social Jack! #InfluencerMarketing.

Influencer Marketing, a trend erupted not so long ago, may be a hassled thought, check out the following infographic to know the right statistics for your Influencer Marketing campaign. Read our new article on Social Jack! #InfluencerMarketing

Influencer Marketing

Becoming a successful Micro-Influencer requires a lot of work! After all, if you expect to make a living off your Instagram posts, you will ultimately have to treat creating them like a full-time job. So dive in and try out some of these growth strategies. Check out the latest article from Social Jack! #InfluencerMarketing


Fyre Festival was an immense marketing success, which set it up to be an epic failure in execution. Yet beyond a healthy dose of schadenfreude, the failure of Fyre certainly offers some valuable lessons in marketing and branding, specifically regarding its Influencer campaign. Check out the latest article from Social Jack! #InfluencerMarketing


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