To make a mark as an Influencer on social media, Kuljyoti Dhingra feels authenticity is key as it is always appreciated by audiences. Check out the latest article from Social Jack! #InfluencerMarketing



The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has brought about a flurry of changes to the way people consume content and brands look at content, and these experts got together to better understand the current state of Influencer Marketing during COVID-19. Check out the latest article from Social Jack! #InfluencerMarketing


There are more resources, tools, and case studies available than ever to help build a successful Influencer campaign. Learn more in the latest article from Social Jack! #InfluencerMarketing



TikTok is testing a new ad format that links advertisers to its prominent Influencers to let those creators display a prominent call-to-action button in their videos, according to people familiar with the matter. Check out the latest article from Social Jack! #InfluencerMarketing



Blogging has helped Sindhu Bharadwaj grow as an individual, helping him learn a plethora of new things. Her blog is her window to the worth, through which she has met some of the most amazing persons around without ever meeting them in person. Check out the latest in this article on Social Jack! #InfluencerMarketing


RXBar is using Influencers like they would an agency. The company is handing over the marketing of its new limited-edition flavors to social stars, letting them create the content to promote the flavors and posting it on their channels. See how it all plays out in this article from Social Jack! #InfluencerMarketing

The 2020 presidential election may not only be the meme election but the influencer election. See how this topic unfolds in the latest article from Social Jack! #InfluencerMarketing



“TikTok is the rare recent example of a new app that’s taken off globally with millions of young people. The question is why.” Check out the latest article from Social Jack! #InfluencerMarketing

As Influencer Marketing has matured, dozens of agencies and dedicated networks have sprung up with the aim of helping companies and Influencers connect. But some Influencers say that working with Influencer networks and some Influencer agencies can be cumbersome and difficulties arise in the negotiation. Check out the latest article on Social Jack! #InfluencerMarketing


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