Social Jack Joins with Holonis and Snips to Impact IMCX 2019 Influencer Show

Dean DeLisle, CEO of Social Jack, had the opportunity to present a two-hour workshop to hundreds of influencers and

Dean DeLisle, CEO of Social Jack, had the opportunity to present a two-hour workshop to hundreds of influencers and brand representatives at the first Influencer Marketing Conference and Expo in Los Angeles, California. The goal of the presentation was to teach new ways to work with one another as it relates to influencer marketing campaigns. It was a unique opportunity that brought powerful brands, marketing agencies, and influencers together into the same space. DeLisle said, “I was surprised how open and receptive they all were together; they shared and opened up freely, which made for a great work environment.”

Sharing the spotlight, Social Jack was pleased to partner with Holonis and Snips to take part in the special event. Travis Lubinsky, a brand consultant for Holonis, delivered segments of the presentation along with Lexxi Kiven from Snips. Travis, best known for his Flex Watches, said, “I had a great time sharing my story about creating brands and using social media to sell products online. Everyone in the audience was open and receptive to my story and learning about Holonis”. Lexxi shared, “IMCX was a great opportunity to get in front of influencers and teach them how important monetization and fraud protection is.”

IMCX Offers great Networking and Education to Digital Influencers

IMCX 2019 is a three-day influencer marketing conference expo. The event allows influencers, brands, digital marketers, and others to build connections and attend educational sessions to enhance their network. Founder and CEO, Ismail Oyekan, said, “Our inaugural event was attended by over 600 attendees from 15 countries and tons of connections were made. We look forward to hosting more meetups addressing the trends, challenges, and opportunities within this lucrative niche of social media marketing.”

The event hosted over 70 speakers including CEOs of leading influencer marketing platforms, agencies, decision-makers from high profile brands & Fortune 500 companies, the Regional Director of the Federal Trade Commission, and other thought leaders. Everyone had the opportunity to build successful connections with senior-level marketing professionals & decision-makers that represent hundreds of brands across the board that include fashion, CPG, beauty, wellness, fitness, and travel.

The Conference had a significant focus on the surge of “Micro-Influencers” and “Nano-Influencers” in both B2B and B2C settings. Sessions included the new industry of “Kidfluencers,” ages 8-12, with parental guidance also drew a good deal of attention as it is a true sign of the future.

About Social Jack

The Social Jack System is an Influencer development platform that combines the power of people, social teaming, and today’s social networks. They work to build Business Influencers and develop a targeted, loyal following to achieve influence in your industry. Social Jack serves organizations, executives, professionals, top producers, speakers, and offer Influencer Event opportunities.

About Holonis

Holonis is everything you love online. Holonis has developed a platform that intertwines Social Media & E-comm as one. Holonis believes anyone with ideas, skills, talent, passion, and the HUSTLE can become an entrepreneur.

Holonis was created to fulfill one mission; to empower all individuals, businesses, and organizations with the ability to thrive in today’s digital economy. Holonis is primarily self-funded by CEO Richard Hollis, who has previously raised over $1 billion, taken two companies public, and has done three exits via M&A. Today, the company consists of 51 people with HQ in San Diego and offices in Los Angeles and Brazil.

About Snips

Snips offers Influencers and Content Creators opportunities to earn with a robust tool suite. This fraud-protected Influencer platform provides real time analytics, performance reporting, and content management tools.

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