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LinkedIn is a super useful tool to utilize with social media because it allows you to make professional

LinkedIn is a super useful tool to utilize with social media because it allows you to make professional connections, enhance your networking skills, and even generate leads to make sales for your business. But, what if there was an easier way to find leads and generate sales this way? Thanks to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator feature, you can find more referrals and make even more connections!

In this episode, our guest Influencer Mike O’Neil talks more about the power of LinkedIn and why Sales Navigator is a fantastic tool for Influencers.

A useful connection

At the start of this episode, Mike talked about the general benefits that LinkedIn has for its users – the biggest one being the power to engage with fellow colleagues and Influencers. When you create a LinkedIn account, you have the ability to message people and even comment on things that they post about on their page. On top of this, you can also write a recommendation for someone, or even endorse them for a skill that they list (for example, leadership or proficiency in Microsoft Office). Remember, other Influencers and potential leads can see these recommendations and endorsements, boosting your credibility and the reach of your Influence!

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Find the key connections

Another useful feature of Sales Navigator is its ability to recommend leads for you. Remember, the service you want to sell has an audience, so you should NOT be targeting every single person! Doing so can make people lose interest or even hurt your credibility. Sales Navigator can help you find the individuals who will have the most interest in the product you want to sell. Once you see that, comb through that list and see if there are any major Influencers you can connect with to sell your service. If you can sell a service to them and get a recommendation, you will have successfully extended your Influence. However, even if you cannot do that, it may still help to spark the Influencer’s interest and help you find more leads. Make sure you are targeting the right people for your service!

Influencer Marketing Pro Tip: Are you confused as to how you can get the app to find these targets? Go into your settings and go to sales preferences. You can then fill in information about your target audience and specifically what you want from them. Once you do that, the app will start suggesting leads that fit your specified criteria!

Using other platforms

Sales Navigator is an invaluable tool for those looking to generate leads and expand their Influence. However, you should not confine yourself to only using LinkedIn. O’Neil also said LinkedIn has gone in the wrong direction from its main use. You should be making sales leads, but you also need to promote your personal brand in order to get people interested. For this, O’Neil recommends that you use other social media platforms to get noticed. You want to expand your reach as far as you can and using more than one platform helps. You can promote your personal brand and find even more leads by doing so. You can also make use of the information you get from Sales Navigator and target even more people!

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In summary

When it comes to Sales Navigator, it can help you tremendously with finding leads. LinkedIn is special because it allows you to interact with your connections and even make recommendations, something that can help expand your Influence. You can also use it to find your key audience and well known Influencers that can help you expand. Although, you should additionally use other platforms to get the most reach from your audience. By using this tool, you can increase sales and become an even bigger Influencer!

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