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If you missed the webcast that launched on August 9th that featured Miri Rodrigues, lead of community and social support at Microsoft Office. In this session, we learned about trends in social care and what customers want from brands, understood key internal players that impact the social space and how to partner strategically with them to deliver a unified social voice to customers. And finally, how to hack social content to leverage multiple sources within the organization to take the customer through their anticipated journey in social channels.

You can listen to the podcast version here.

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2016 Social Media Trends:

  1. Real Time Engagement: consumers want you to engaged with them. Your customers are now looking for a response time of 30 minutes or less, this number went down significantly from last year when customers expected a response in an hour or less. This contributes from the fact that our attention spans are “like that of a tree frog,” says Miri.
  2. Live Streaming Video: There are so many outlets and platforms where live streaming is now an option and consumers are now looking to not only follow a brand, but their employers also. It gives consumers a feel that brands aren’t robotic.
  3. The Passionate Consumer: Consumers begin following company employers because “people follow people” says Miri.

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2016 Customer Experience Trends:

  1. Retail Stores Aren’t going Anywhere: Consumers want to be able to physically handle products. Think about Amazon Prime stores that are starting to pop up all over the country. Why would consumers wait if they could have it right now?
  2. Say Goodbye To Call Centers: The call centers we know of today will be a thing of the past soon. With phones decreasing as a communication channel, chat (instant messenger, etc) are becoming the new way of communication. Consumers prefer this because of the lightning fast responses from IM. Which websites have you been on recently that have a “chat with an associate” now button?

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Don’t be a Social Media Watermelon

The definition of a social media watermelon is simple: One the outside you’re green, on the inside you’re red. The assumption here is that by the look of it, watermelons have it all together but in reality they are a mess. When you cut open a watermelon you’ll notice the seeds are scattered all over, we think of these as employees who are not on the same mindset. In order to not be a social media watermelon you have to follow the 3 steps.

  1. Connect Internally
  2. Define Your Goals
  3. Unify Your Message

Another way to connect to your followers on social media is to take a risk. Your audience will take notes on the type of content you are posting. Miri says that she often does polls on Twitter. Some are personal and some are work related. But in the end you are testing your audience and seeing what type of content they reply to.


You can follow Miri Rodriguez on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. And as always, if you’d like to be watch these videos live—sign up for Social Jack today! See you online, and stay social!


In the business of Social Selling and micro-learning, we are always looking for those fun power moves that can create results in just a few clicks. So follow this along and I will share my new favorite move, well not new, just newly labeled.

So SCAG stands for four simple actions and here we go:


S – Scan

Simply look for a targeted connection in LinkedIn. Ones that you have a decent rapport with and have spoken to within the last 60-90 days. In Social Jack team building, we call these team members our primary draft picks. Once you find your targeted connection, scan their profile for two connections they might have that would be ideal referrals for you. No you might have to look under recommendations or skill endorsements if their connection are suppressed. However lately I find that many are open. The only clicks here are if you need to advance the page.


C- Connect

This is even easier and mostly required no click unless you use email, however I prefer a phone call to that person. Remember on connections you have access to their phone number field as well.


A – Ask

This is where you simply ask your connections for the specific referrals. There is always a chance they might not know the exact referral, however the intention of asking will spark the conversation for the ideal type of referral you are looking for and most always takes the conversation to the next level.


G – Get

We find in our training that in the beginning over 90% of people stop at the ask and never go for the get. If you have the relationship and can get into the ask as part of your conversation your network will have the desire to help you get to the get!

Now what are you waiting for, join thousands of Social Jack students who S.C.A.G. each and every day, maybe you have been S.C.A.G.’d and don’t even know it!

Enjoy and maybe you will do this in less than 4 clicks once you get going!


See you online, Dean

Social Selling Step Two – Use Valued Reach to Ignite Your Social Reach by Dean R. DeLisle

Before we can ignite our Social Reach with Valued Reach (VR) we need to understand what Social Reach is. Through our friends at Hootsuite (they have a great glossary by the way) we have a pretty good definition:

Reach is a data metric that determines the potential size of audience any given message could reach. It does not mean that that entire audience will see your social media post, but rather tells you the maximum amount of people your post could potentially reach. Reach is determined by a fairly complex calculation that includes number of followers, shares and impressions as well as net follower increase over time. Reach should not be confused with Impressions or Engagement.

Social Reach


Now for Social Sales, LinkedIn Social Reach is pretty easy to see and understand. On your home page about half way down on the right you can see what your current reach is, as shown below.

Social Reach

So what does this mean? Well this means that I have 4,169 connections, people that I have either sent or accepted invites and are now my level one connections. Then those people have connections which are your second level connections. That with the next level of connections and groups you belong to make up that number. In fact, LinkedIn used to resolve this, now they just show you a few levels (shown below), which is ok, because I cannot even fathom thinking about a million let along 18 million!

Social Reach

So hopefully you are getting the definition of your social reach. Now in social selling, from our definition, Valued Reach is what we care about and teach in our curriculum. This is where we first define a destination or outcome to your sales goals, how much do you want to make by when. Then we determine how many appointments, proposals, closes you need to achieve that goal. Next we define the target, and determine who will get us there or help us achieve those goals. Next we build a structured, tactical team of TARGETED connections, clusters and hubs (defined in in Network Sciences ( by the US Army). The ones that will help you get to the connections you are trying to achieve. Not the thousands that you accept without knowing who they are and what they are about. We would prefer you just connect to those you know or people that you see potential relationship. Then we score the relationship in our system to arrive at your Valued Reach. Now you don’t have to have our system to get the juice we are talking about here, although we would like you to join us, you can still gain a valued reach for yourself by following these simple rules below.

Social Reach

In summary

  1. Own your destination, your outcome
  2. Be clear about the target that will take you there
  3. Build a team of connections with the intent for relationship
  4. Engage in relationship with your new team
  5. Keep scouting for more targeted connections (#3)
  6. Keep engaging and driving to your destination (goal)

Now – Your “Valued Reach” keeps going up – your “Social Reach” is now ignited!

About Dean DeLisle

For over 30 years, Dean has demonstrated his ability to accelerate companies, stimulate business development, and make operations more efficient. He has harnessed the ever-evolving power of technology, paired with his consulting, coaching, and training skills, to implement sound business practices. Using the power of online social networks, as well as traditional media, he has helped numerous clients pack the room for events, establish their online and social media presence, and develop countless company, brand, product, and service launches. Dean uses every tool available, weaving aspects of every medium to achieve the end goal and accelerate his clients’ business growth.



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