Webinar: Boost Social Media Engagement with Employee Advocacy

7 Steps to Amplify Your Brand

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Building the Case for an Employee Advocacy Program  

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This session will address the rapidly changing online environment of Social Media and the constant challenge to keep organizations and employees within the bounds of compliance while working to be engaged and competitive. “Digital Thought Leadership” is a next natural level for 2020. You already have thought leaders who work for you, now learn 7 steps we have outlined to empower them and the brand in a fun, controlled and productive manner. 

 76% of individuals surveyed say that they’re more likely to trust content shared by “normal” people than content shared by brands. (Adweek)

Brand messages reached 561% further when shared by employees vs the same messages shared via official brand social channels (MSLGroup)

Content shared by employees receives 8x more engagement than content shared by brand channels. (Social Media Today)

Sales reps using social media as part of their sales techniques outsell 78% of their peers. (Forbes)

There will be in-depth coverage on how the world of digital and social media has changed and how Employee Advocacy has changed the game. Companies who choose to empower their employees, partners and customers are really humanizing their brand with a new level of advocacy and influence. This creates a more approachable brand which attracts customers back and invites in new prospects who feel connected and want to know more. This session will cover the steps used to implement this change and some relevant case studies. 

Enhance Your 2020 Engagement Strategy with Employee Advocacy 

Your Presenters

dean delisle

About Dean DeLisle  

Dean DeLisle, Founder and CEO of Forward Progress, and the creator of Social Jack, the number onea leading global Influencer Development Platform in the world, has developed training programs and services to that help organizations and professionals become an influence in a very digitala digitally dominated world.

About Dean Agen

Dean is a Client Executive at GaggleAMP, the first employee advocacy software provider to market back in 2010. Since 2015, he’s helped brands across all different industries reach their social media marketing potential. Dean specializes in guiding enterprise organizations towards successful employee advocacy programs in order to increase their social media reach, improve their social media KPIs, and encourage employees to be more active on social. When he’s away from his desk, Dean likes to surf, skateboard, and explore new areas on his bike.

About Social Jack™  

The Social Jack™ Team has successfully coached and trained over 120,000 professionals on Employee Advocacy, Influencer Development, Social Selling, and B2B Influencer Marketing. Through their educational resources and services, they’ve helped thousands of individuals unlock their Influence and distinguish their digital presence. 

About GaggleAMP®

At GaggleAMP®, we were the first to see a special kind of potential in social media. And, we remain the only ones focused exclusively on helping brands engage their employees, partners, and stakeholders to help drive their businesses forward. As the digital world moves beyond Likes and followers, we see a place in which people engage with organizations, businesses, and, most importantly, with each other.  

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