Gerard Adams talks with Ainsley Rodriguez in the latest installment of his interview series. Check out the latest article at Social Jack! #InfluencerMarketing


Pinterest is helping brands work better with influencers on the platform by providing more resources for campaign measurement. Today, Pinterest expanded its content marketing API to third-party influencer marketing platforms for the first time. Check out the latest article from Social Jack! #InfluencerMarketing


The GoPro filmmaker talks with Gerard Adams about the steps in his development. Check out the latest article from Social Jack! #InfluencerMarketing







Increased internet penetration and the rise of social media has led to the genesis of Influencer Marketing or ‘Digital word-of-mouth’. Influencer marketing is a collaborative brand marketing strategy wherein retailers partner with social media ‘influencers’ to create authentic engagement around their products. According to research, Google searches for the term ‘influencer marketing’ increased by 325% over 2017. check out the latest article from Social Jack! #InfluencerMarketing



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Creators and marketers may love Instagram, but they’ve been hesitant to build on Instagram’s 2-month-old longer-form streaming feature, IGTV. However, there’s been early experimentation and a growing marketing tech stack as each side tries to understand what actually works on Instagram’s vertical video platform and how Influencer Marketing will fit in. Check out the latest article from Social Jack! #InfluencerMarketing