LinkedIn is a super useful tool to utilize with social media because it allows you to make professional connections, enhance your networking skills, and even generate leads to make sales for your business. But, what if there was an easier way to find leads and generate sales this way? Thanks to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator feature, you can find more referrals and make even more connections!

In this episode, our guest Influencer Mike O’Neil talks more about the power of LinkedIn and why Sales Navigator is a fantastic tool for Influencers.

A useful connection

At the start of this episode, Mike talked about the general benefits that LinkedIn has for its users – the biggest one being the power to engage with fellow colleagues and Influencers. When you create a LinkedIn account, you have the ability to message people and even comment on things that they post about on their page. On top of this, you can also write a recommendation for someone, or even endorse them for a skill that they list (for example, leadership or proficiency in Microsoft Office). Remember, other Influencers and potential leads can see these recommendations and endorsements, boosting your credibility and the reach of your Influence!

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Find the key connections

Another useful feature of Sales Navigator is its ability to recommend leads for you. Remember, the service you want to sell has an audience, so you should NOT be targeting every single person! Doing so can make people lose interest or even hurt your credibility. Sales Navigator can help you find the individuals who will have the most interest in the product you want to sell. Once you see that, comb through that list and see if there are any major Influencers you can connect with to sell your service. If you can sell a service to them and get a recommendation, you will have successfully extended your Influence. However, even if you cannot do that, it may still help to spark the Influencer’s interest and help you find more leads. Make sure you are targeting the right people for your service!

Influencer Marketing Pro Tip: Are you confused as to how you can get the app to find these targets? Go into your settings and go to sales preferences. You can then fill in information about your target audience and specifically what you want from them. Once you do that, the app will start suggesting leads that fit your specified criteria!

Using other platforms

Sales Navigator is an invaluable tool for those looking to generate leads and expand their Influence. However, you should not confine yourself to only using LinkedIn. O’Neil also said LinkedIn has gone in the wrong direction from its main use. You should be making sales leads, but you also need to promote your personal brand in order to get people interested. For this, O’Neil recommends that you use other social media platforms to get noticed. You want to expand your reach as far as you can and using more than one platform helps. You can promote your personal brand and find even more leads by doing so. You can also make use of the information you get from Sales Navigator and target even more people!

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In summary

When it comes to Sales Navigator, it can help you tremendously with finding leads. LinkedIn is special because it allows you to interact with your connections and even make recommendations, something that can help expand your Influence. You can also use it to find your key audience and well known Influencers that can help you expand. Although, you should additionally use other platforms to get the most reach from your audience. By using this tool, you can increase sales and become an even bigger Influencer!

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LinkedIn is a fantastic networking tool that has been around since before Facebook and Twitter. This platform allows anyone to connect professionally with other people in their field and build a career. LinkedIn has become a network that anyone and everyone can use; however, not everyone knows how to use it to their advantage. Knowing how to best construct your LinkedIn profile could be the difference between a company overlooking you or reaching out to you. In this episode of Influence Factory, Wayne Breitbarth, author of “The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success,” teaches you how to leverage your LinkedIn profile for ultimate networking success.

The Original Social Network

LinkedIn has been around since 2002 and A LOT of things have changed since then. With new social networks popping up left and right, LinkedIn has had to make some changes to keep up with all other social networks. By adding features such as an accomplishments section and recommendations on how to strengthen your profile, LinkedIn has become stronger than ever. Even though LinkedIn has all these amazing features, it is important to know how to use them effectively to get the most out of your profile.

Get Your Point Across

This platform has a ton of sections and features that allow you to highlight all of your amazing achievements and show everyone how awesome you are! Just make sure you are doing it in the most efficient way. LinkedIn’s summary section is set up so people viewing your profile will only see the first two lines of the summary unless they click the “see more” button below it. Because of this, Breitbarth stresses how it is crucial to have all your important information at the top of your summary section. Most people will likely scroll through your profile quickly and scan it for the most important information. This is a great way to ensure that people will get a good understanding of who you are and what you can do immediately.

Not Your Average Resume


The original purpose for LinkedIn was to have a space to put your resume online and connect with professionals in hopes of getting hired. Today, the underlying purpose is still the same but with a little bit of a new take. Breitbarth says that “The beautiful thing about (LinkedIn) profiles is they don’t have resume rules.” It is a little less strict than an actual resume, because it’s like any other social media platform. You have a profile picture, there is a messaging feature to chat with other members, and you can even make posts. The only difference is that the people you are interacting with are also professionals in your related field of work.

Using Key Words

LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals looking to connect with other professionals in related fields of work, but it is also used as a search engine to find specific people, skills or job titles. Utilizing key words can really make your profile stand out – literally! When you use LinkedIn’s search function, you can type in a word and LinkedIn will compute all businesses and people that use that word in their profile. The best place for you to use key words in your profile according to Breitbarth are, the headline, all job titles if applicable, and the skill section. By doing this, your profile will be easier to discover and you will gain a lot more exposure.

In Summary

LinkedIn is one of the first social media platforms and has stayed relevant in the ever changing world of social media by constantly updating and adding new features. Knowing how to properly utilize each feature is essential in order to get the most out of your profile. Using key words and organizing your information efficiently are just a few ways you boost up your LinkedIn profile. By following Breitbarth’s tips, your LinkedIn profile will surely bring you success!

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Influencer Marketing Journey



A key part of many social media campaigns in today’s day and age is the power of Influencer Marketing. This form of marketing allows people to reach into their wells of power (AKA their network) and help sway opinion about a product or service that people should buy. What makes this interesting is that people are able to have more personal interactions with their audience members instead of doing a generic post. In order to use Influencer Marketing to its fullest potential, there are a few tips you should keep in mind.

In this episode, Neal Schaffer shares what he loves about Influencer Marketing. He explains the power it has and why so many people are jumping headfirst into it.

Make content, not war

Obviously, creating content is a key part of Influencer Marketing. You want to keep your network engaged with you by posting relevant, timely content; but, how do you present it to them? One way is a blog post. After all, a blog post allows you to be more personal and humanize whatever you talk about. However, there are various other effective ways that you can present content to your audience.

The other route you can take here is by developing visual content for your audience. You still need text for your social media post, but a visual can augment what you say very well! If you want to show off a product’s effectiveness, you can create a video to demonstrate it. Want to make a statistic really stand out? You can make a chart or an infographic to visualize the data! A photo can also help give some more ompf to your posts! Remember, you should make a post fun by doing something creative with what you offer or what people should know about. Make your content both clickable and engaging.

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Be an advocate of your work

Obviously, everyone wants to get invested in work that is meaningful to them. When that happens, employees tend to be very happy about where they work and essentially become an “ambassador” to their company and its brand. This is something that Schaffer called “employee advocacy.” The term essentially means that employees are representatives of the brand and can talk about in a positive light. This is something to leverage for your next Influencer Marketing campaign. If employees have a lot of followers, they can talk about their company. In doing this, they can get others to jump on board with the brand and use the services it sells. This goes to show how important employees can be online!

Influencer Marketing Pro Tip: If you are looking to sell a service on social media, look at your brand and the company’s brand. By seeing how you fit into the brand or why the brand matters to you, you can offer that personalized communication with customers. Customers like to see personality coming from a company because it once again HUMANIZES the brand. This will help you make those sales!

Employee Advocacy – LinkedIn

As the second most engaged social media network, LinkedIn is a great tool for employee advocacy. LinkedIn is a professional social media channel, so it makes sense to use employee advocacy here. On this channel, you are representing yourself, but also a company. In order to convince people to use any of your company’s services, you should show them why the company is great! Maybe your company is pushing a new environmental project or something that helps employees… talk about it! When people see your words, they can get a better idea of what your company’s values are and why they should get involved with them. This is the ideal channel to enhance the awareness and brand of a company while getting connected with other industry experts.

Influencer Marketing Pro Tip: Do you want to use employee advocacy on LinkedIn but don’t have an account or are lacking connections? Social Jack’s Influencer Development Program can help you build your profile and network so you can chat your company up!

In summary

Influencer Marketing is great because it allows you to get personal with your audience. You can do this by making your content more visual, grabbing the attention of your connections. The other thing that many people can do is employee advocacy. Happy and fulfilled employees are the best spokespeople for a brand, so you’ll want them to talk about your brand where they can! Finally, make sure you are on LinkedIn! This channel allows you to meet more connections but also allows you the perfect space to talk about your company and why people should use it!

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