In July, I was given the opportunity to be one of the 26 influencers featured in Nimble’s latest eBook – “The Ultimate Influencer Playbook of 2018.” Of course, I took that opportunity to be put in the spotlight (well, that’s not the only reason why!). While it is certainly cool to be featured in what is essentially an Influencer Marketing Guide, I’m ecstatic that I’m able to share my knowledge and words of wisdom with my fellow influencers as well as marketers trying to navigate the world of influencer marketing. This advice, including the other Influencer Marketing do’s and dont’s addressed throughout the book by my peers, will ensure that reader’s Influencer Marketing campaigns are super successful.

Let me be the first to say, this book is awesome…it is split into different sections that break Influencer Marketing down as much as possible. The first one showcases absolutely outstanding Influencer Marketing campaigns that were proven to bring in success. Looking at these campaigns has given me new ideas for my brand – as an influencer, there is always room for growth!

After seeing these unbelievably amazing campaigns, the second section follows up with six “Influencer Marketing Strategies and Tips.” You will find my contribution to Pro Tip #4: Put an Offer on the Table, on page 18!

In my opinion, I feel that I have the most to say about this next section—”10 Surprisingly Common Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs.” No one likes to fail (although, we all need to at some point in order to learn, right?) On page 25, I discuss how crucial it is to have a Plan B. Having a backup plan is one of the easiest ways to avoid disappointment and failure within your campaign.

The following portion of the book is about building your “Influencer Marketing Toolbox.” I brought up two of my go-to tools that I constantly nag my social media team to use: Epictions and Epictions is an extremely neat app that shows us which groups of influencers are engaging conversations about specific topics, and which types of media better suit their specific needs. helps us identify trends in hashtags, which most of you probably know are the easiest and more efficient way to connect to other people interested in what you’re talking about online. You type in a word or two that describes a topic, and it will spit out trending hashtags related to those subjects – certainly one of the most useful tools for influencers and marketers.

While reading the “Closing Thoughts” of this book, I felt #inspired. Even though myself and the other 25 influencers mentioned have been killing it out there, we never stop growing! Influencer Marketing is still quite new, meaning there is a LOT more to learn for all of us.

You can download The Ultimate Influencer Playbook of 2018 here, thanks to our friends at Nimble.

Thanks for the opportunity, Nimble, to be featured alongside some of the best in the bizz. Until next time, see you online!

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