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With the advent of social media, Influencers have risen to the occasion, boasting of the ability to influence as many as 70% of millennials through recommendations and more. Check out the latest article from Social Jack! #InfluencerMarketing



Brands bringing influencer marketing in-house is a relatively new trend, but Authentic Brands Group has handled it internally for the past six years for its lineup of lifestyle and fashion brands. Today, ABG owns 32 brands, including heavyweights like Aéropostale, Juicy Couture, Neil Lane and Airwalk, and it’s no longer so easy to rely on old methods. Check out the latest article from Social Jack! #InfluencerMarketing


If you have ever received a referral for a job or new business, you know how critical your online personal brand can be. People are only one click away from choosing you or moving on, and many times you will never know.

The Social Jack™ Team has helped thousands of business professionals develop their Influence and have put together a quick, easy to follow recipe to get on the right track. To make sure that people click on you when making that critical choice for a professional, read on.

Looking at Social Media as Events:

Although we aren’t supposed to “play favorites” we all have a social media channel we use the most. Some of us are Facebook, some are Twitter and others are Instagram. Regardless of what your favorite is, you should be looking at them as an “event” that you are going to. When you’re at an event, there will be times you really enjoy it and want to come back, and other times when you think it could be better (we’ve done hundreds of events, so we definitely understand!). You can apply this to you clients, as well. Every client has a different “event” that they like. To help your client, you need to find what “events” they like and help them refine it even more.

Influencer Marketing Pro Tip: Companies you want to “bring to your event” (aka social media) usually like to hire social media experts who are experts of multiple disciplines, or channels. Take the time to experiment with different channels. The more you can master, the more likely a company will want you for social media execution! 

Define Your Goals:

To get the most out of your social media, you need to figure out what your goals are for your social strategy. Maybe you are a Thought Leader who wants to get your name out there as an expert in your field. Maybe you want to bring more personality to a brand or event, or even advance your career. Developing your personal brand can achieve ALL of these goals. Once you have a clear idea of your desired outcome and learn the basics, you can build on your brand and reach those goals. Make sure that your goal is quantifiable and realistic! If you need help, we have plenty of worksheets in our Social Jack Academy to help you get started!

Tell Your Story

A brand is more relatable and personal when you bring your own story into it. Your personal accounts and the content you create tell this story, so it is important. To do this, think about some of the biggest turning points in your life. People want to know what got you to THIS moment, so you should be telling them the most defining moments in your life. Write things down over time so you can figure out the key points in your life that brought you here. When you write these down, you can also define the “theme” of your brand. This theme is your main idea – the thing you want followers to know about you. The key points are the roadmap of your personal brand; how you explain your journey from point A to Z. The more you write down, the more of your story you can use to execute your person brand.

Influencer Marketing Pro Tip: When writing things out, do what we call a “mind dump”. This simply means that you just write down whatever comes to mind about yourself. Do not leave out a single detail. From our experience, we’ve seen people come up with their own theme from even the tiniest details of their experience. More details, more personality for your brand! If you enjoy writing, think about taking up journaling.

Know Your Digital Impression:

When people come visit your profiles on social media, you want to give them the idea that you are approachable. If you have any pages that talk about you in third-person, it can be a BIG turn-off to people (aka potential clients) because it makes them feel like you are not personal or approachable. This is where you start to Google yourself. Google yourself. Do it. It’s not vain- it’s imperative. Make sure you go at least three pages back and see what is already out there for your personal brand. This search shows your “digital footprint” so you want to make sure it is as clean as possible! If there are any outdated profiles on you, make sure you fix that information ASAP and keep it current. This is especially the case for LinkedIn. If you need help, our Influencer Development Program has several modules that help you build a professional profile.

Your Profiles are Your Professional Brand

While it is quite clear that your profiles show your professional brand, many people forget to make sure those profiles are completely filled out. While this can mean having your most recent position listed, having a (recent!) profile picture, and updating your bio, you are more than your title. When people visit your page, it should start a conversation with people and answer how you can help and why you are the expert in your profession.

Influencer Marketing Pro Tip: Feeling limited by the character limit of your LinkedIn headline? If you need more space to develop your personal brand in your LinkedIn, the mobile app extends the character count by 80 characters. Make them count!

The Power of Your Connections

A major thing to help you better connect with individuals and expand your network is constantly developing and updating your profile so you appear in searches. Your current and prospective connections may already be looking for someone with your specific experience, but if you give a generic title or headline they won’t be sure of your abilities. When your connections see a defined headline, it makes you more credible and trustworthy. They will also be more likely to view your experience and want to work with you.

Influencer Marketing Pro Tip: Remember, you may have only have 300 connections on LinkedIn but you actually have more thank you think. Your connections can lead you to other connections so make use of your network! When you connect more, it helps you build your personal brand.

Power Move – Add Other Influencers

Once you lock down and develop your brand, you should strengthen your network by adding more Influencers!  If you want a better network, you want to attach yourself to powerful individuals in your industry. This will help you not only find kindred spirits, but also help you find people to speak at events or even work with.

Power Move – Conversation

You should connect to others, but don’t JUST connect – engage with your connections! You should be having conversations with these individuals, which can spark conversations with more individuals. This is what we call “social teaming”. When you have a good conversation with Influencers, you can boost your likes and engage with others. You can also see who else is talking about the posts and make a plan for what you should say. When you engage with someone in your field, they will see it and their connections will ALSO see it.

Measure Your Goals

You’ve updated your profiles, enhanced your brand and made use of those power moves. Now what? The only way you will see your improvements by measuring your results. This is what we meant earlier when we said to make these goals quantifiable. If your goal was to get more sales, keep a record of how many you made thanks to your social media presence. If you want to build more connections in your network, LinkedIn will show how many connections you have and how many people like what you post. When you measure your success, you will EASILY see your results.

In Summary

Remembers that your profiles tell your story. Our unique stories are what differentiate us from others. Use your profiles to bring your story to life and show people why they should work with you.  If you need further resources, check out our Free Resource Center at Social Jack. You can access our Free Resource Center by signing up for a Basic Social Jack Account plus browse the worksheets and classes currently available.

We will see your profiles online!

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Last week’s edition of the Influence Factory brings you the latest industry news and lets you hear from Industry Experts! Last week’s Influencer Guest, Michael Angelo Caruso, talks about how he has built his Influence through the use of Events.

When speaking at events, there are certain connections that you make at them. As speakers, we tend to just come in to an event and then leave. There are thousands of opportunities to network with other attendees when you present. You want to find ways to make your material connect to them. We will go through the key points Michael discussed during the webcast here so you can present like an Event Influencing pro!

The Power of Cognitive Speaking

The way we affect our audience during a presentation can be boiled down to a simple science. Cognitive speaking sounds like a new scientific term, but it has always been in the art of presenting. In our webcast, Michael spoke about how Brian Tracey utilized this psychology to understand how leaders and presenters influence others. Cognitive speaking usually involves having a bias. This can be an optimism, pessimism or even confirmation bias. When leaders talk, they can use this to sway an opinion and even sell someone on an idea. You also want to use what you say to show people that you are passionate about your area of knowledge, something that further enhances engagement. Cognitive speaking requires a human approach so make sure you do it!

“When you can show us what you care about, it makes you seem more human.”

 – Michael Angelo Caruso

It’s All in The Details

One way to gain influence when speaking at events is to pay attention to the details (AKA your audience). This seems like an obvious point, but so many people rarely utilize it to its fullest extent. In these days, we are more invested in ourselves than we are with other people. If you want to see how your audience is reacting to your material, Michael said you “should look up at your audience once in a while.” In doing this, you are able to see what they are doing, AND you make your lesson more personalized. This is simple math: Eye contact plus addressing the audience = engagement.

Influencer Marketing Pro Tip: A “ride along” can be helpful when you are doing a presentation. This means that someone watches your presentation and can tell you things that you miss or do not realize that you are doing. We can become too invested in a presentation that we fail to change the way we address things to people. When we are told what we miss, we can be more aware of it so we can adjust the flow of a presentation for our viewers.

Watching your language

There are half a million words in our language and it can be a challenge to find the right words for a response. We may be able to anticipate some things our audience might say but we really need to think on our feet about the words that will create an impactful response. We do this by using word substitution. When you practice, you may find yourself using words that don’t give the presentation impact. By subbing out those words, you can find other words that give your speech a boost.

“While complete perfection is not possible, you can get very close to it when crafting a presentation.”                    

 – Michael Angelo Caruso

Influencer Marketing Pro Tip: You can make speeches more effective during preparation by having a deep vocabulary. There are websites that often do a “Word of The Day.” If you want to deepen your word bank effectively, finding websites that do this can be a HUGE help. Michael recommends Wordsmith.org as a personal favorite.

Build a Good PowerPoint

Unfortunately, PowerPoint has become a bit of a crutch that many people are overusing in presentations. The best presentations will have certain restrictions for PowerPoints. If you are to use one, use it in the middle third of a presentation. The first third should be used to develop a relationship with the audience and the final third should be your “call to action.” A presentation should also use oversized text (limiting how many words are in a slide) and no more than one photo. Remember, people will turn their back to the audience if all their points are in the presentation. You want to make sure your audience is engaged and that cannot happen when you have your back to them.

“The fastest way for leaders and salespeople to excel is to master the art of the presentation.”                                                                                                                        – Michael Angelo Caruso

Knowing The Colors of Personality

While it’s important to dress your best for an event (and try to highlight the colors of your brand in your outfit), you should be MORE aware of the different personalities in the audience. There are four personalities – the thinker, relator, socializer and director. You should get an idea of which of these personality types are in the audience during a presentation.  Once you learn WHO is in the audience, you can then tailor your word choice and presentation to them. This will maximize impact and keep people engaged in what you have to say. You’re using color, but just in an unconventional sense.

Get Feedback and Stay Relevant

This is the most important part of any presentation. The biggest metric of success is seeing what people say about your presentation. You should be asking people about your presentation to see what they got out of it. By learning this feedback, you know what you need to cut out or even add.

“When you want to find out what people think about your presentation, ask them what they took away from your speech.”                             

– Michael Angelo Caruso

On your social media channels, relevance is EXTREMELY important. You want to show your audience that you are up to date on current happenings in the world and your area of expertise. When you post relevant information, it keeps your audience interested in what you have to say.

In Summary

While it seems like a lot to give a successful presentation, these tips are very easy to apply. Remember that using cognitive bias will help you sway your target audience and get them interested in what you have to say.  Once you have done that, you need to be aware of your audience and pay attention to reactions and their personality types. Don’t be too reliant on a PowerPoint as you want to keep eye contact with the audience, NOT give them your back during a presentation.

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Enter Hashtag Legal, a law firm that represents influencers, influencer agencies, platforms and brands as they navigate the evolving world of influencer marketing. Lawyer Jamie Lieberman launched the firm with co-founder Danielle Liss in 2016 because they saw a need in the industry for attorneys who understand the business. Check out the latest article from Social Jack! #InfluencerMarketing






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Marketing and producing a successful event is a different game today. It you are not using social media, streaming and Influencers, you are losing attendees as you read this. In today’s busy business world with shrinking budgets, you need to learn the best new ways to leverage digital marketing.

To help with this, we share our unique proven steps to put butts in seats, boost engagement and attract sponsors. With a plan and a few key steps, we show you how to get started on your path to success.

Step One – Marketing Prep

To start preparing your event, you need to do a marketing inventory of all content items you have. This inventory includes video, images, blogs, PR efforts and of course, social media. Another key component for your event is to have a branded hashtag and let everyone associated with the event know- this is extremely helpful for producing pre-event buzz, free promotion, as well as connecting everyone at the event and after the event! Always utilize hashtagging!

Another thing that you will need to prep for your future events (honestly, the most important thing!) is your networks! Make sure you know your attendees, speakers and sponsors for your event, so you can tag them on your social media platforms. By connecting to all the Influencers at the event on social media, it boosts your network by putting your brand in front of the eyes of people that don’t already follow you! Influencer Marketing Pro Tip: Our team likes to have event attendees sign media releases upon arrival to the event so that we can use their pictures and video for social media. In knowing who will be at your event, you can plan out this content and make the most of it. Any videos and pictures you get can be repurposed on social media, the website, etc.- this is a great asset!

Step Two – Influencer Marketing

The next step is to activate this network. In this step, you measure who you are dealing with for events and rate them. If someone is an “A” Influencer, it means that they have a large amount social media Influence in their area of expertise. You can have someone from a Fortune 500 speak at your event, but if they don’t have any social media presence, they may not have the Influence needed to really bring in a crowd. You’ll want to use a scoring system for EVERYONE related to the event (even yourself!) so you know how to make the best out of your network.

Step Three – Commit To Engage

Now you can make all the content you want for an event.  However, unless you engage with others, interest for it simply will not happen. At the very least, you should be leaking your event out on Twitter for people to engage it. You should also do live social media when you are at an event because that generates INTEREST for it. The thought behind engaging and “playing online” using the network and hashtagging is to make people who didn’t attend follow the event. This boosts interest for future events you may hold, as well as recognition for your brand!

Influencer Marketing Pro Tip: You can also have Influencers of your event do a “take-over” on your social media channels. This could be something as simple as a video with said Influencer saying what they will discuss, an “interview” if you will. This can also help you do pre-event promotions to increase the hype and get people to come to the event. The Social Jack academy is full of resources for taking and utilizing video marketing if you ever need any tips.

Also, remember that streaming is your friend. Doing videos before the event and live videos of the event will make people want to really be there and get in on all the fun.

Step Four – Go Mobile

Another thing we love is using mobile apps for events. When people log into an app made for the event, they can engage further and even answer questions, complete, polls, and really stay locked in the entire time.  One thing that our team likes to do with our Social Jack app is a matchmaking feature that allows pre-networking for events. This feature pre-matches attendees to referrals that were hand-poicked for them- how cool is that? Before your event even happens, people can already be engaging through the app.

Besides matchmaking, mobile apps have plenty of other features to use as well; you can store presentations, contests, promo videos, and image gallery, etc. on the app. You want people to utilize these apps to see what is happening and, most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Step Five – Post Event Follow Up

It goes without saying, but you need to follow up on anything you promised after an event ends. If you have any post-event deliverables you need to send to people, make sure you do that no more than 24 hours later. Staying connected with your Influencers is also key to this follow up as well.  You can re-post content all year for these events, so if you want to share something from the event you should be tagging the companies, Influencers, and attendees that came.  This keeps engagement with the event going long after its ended, and generates buzz for any future events you may hold.

Bonus Tip – Team up with your Sponsors

A sponsor can add existing value to events.  As you get better with social, you will get better sponsorships and packages from them.  This adds some notoriety to your events which will get more people talking about them.

In Summary

While this seems like a lot of work to get an event noticed, Influencer Marketing has to be a part of enhancing it. Remember that a lot of the marketing work for the event will happen before the event so you can execute everything perfectly when it starts. Events are always fun, so you should have fun while preparing them.  Even when the event is over, your engagement with it doesn’t stop. You can share content throughout the year or even start increasing hype when it comes back for the following year!  If you need further resources, check out our Free Resource Center at Social Jack. You can access our Free Resource Center by signing up for a Basic Social Jack Account plus browse the worksheets and classes currently available.

We will see you (and your event) online!

We hope to see you in one of our next classes! Check out the full list at www.socialjackflash.com